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User interface

How to execute a command

CryptoStudio consists of a set of commands. Each command performs a single task. To execute a command, first select it from the Command bar. Use the Parameters bar to set the various command paramaters (note that many of them are optional and can be left empty. See the documentation of the specific command for more info).

Note that "drag and drop" can be used to specify files (alternatively, press the "Browse" button on the right).

The specified parameters are grouped togheter to form a command line. This command line can be manually edited and modified before executing the command. This gives great flexibility, especially to advanced users.

After command execution, you cans see the resultant output in the Console window.

Crypto Parser

Crypto Parser is a utility that shows internals of cryptographic objects in a readable format. It is particularly useful when a big number of objects must be quickly analysed. At present, only X.509 certificates and PKCS#7 objects are supported. It can be used in normal mode (files must be manually dragged to parser window) or "auto-load" mode ( file selected in file browser window is automatically loaded).


Crypto Search

Smart card management

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