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CryptoStudio is a program that provides various cryptographic utilities. The heart of the application is OpenSSL, an open source implementation of SSL and TLS protocols and one of the most used security software. OpenSSL is essentially a general purpose cryptographic library, available for a variety of platforms. Together with that library, OpenSSL has a large collection of command line tools performing specific tasks, such as creating and managing digital certificates, implementing hash functions, public and secret key algorithms, digital signature... Many of the CryptoStudio functionalities are a mere GUI wrapper of OpenSSL tools, intended to make those tools available also to uninitiated users. Here is the list of OpenSSL developers.

Neverthless, other functionalities have been developed using the code directly from OpenSSL libraries. If you are a student or a security developer this program may be useful for your work. Simple users can also find useful utilities such as file encryption, basic smime mail management etc.


Available commands
Crypto Search

Find files containing cryptographic objects (on PC or LAN). At the moment, only X.509 certificates and PKCS#7 objects are supported. User can specify various search criteria.

Crypto Parser

Quickly dump cryptographic objects in human readable text format.

Smart cards

Browse any PKCS#11 compatible smart card. First, you have to specify the specific smart card pkcs#11 library to use (generally provided by the smart card vendor). Once the application has successfully loaded the library, it is possible to perform various operations with the smart card. At the moment, CryptoStudio allows to get general information on the library, on the system slots and on the smart cards inserted in those slots. In a future version also more "aggressive" functions will be implemented (such as importing/exporting objects to/from smart cards, generating private keys ecc.). Anyway, a useful experimental functionality of this type (decrypt PKCS#7 enveloped files using the private key on the smart card) has been included in the actual version of CryptoStudio.

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